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About Us

Defending and Renewing the Catholic Faith and the Christian West

Founded in 2022 by Katherine Bennett, Gavin Ashenden and Mark Lambert.  We are three British writers, broadcasters and commentators who have joined forces to articulate the beauty, truth and goodness of the Catholic faith and to share in the responsibility of the renewal of the Catholic Church.

We bring our experience from academia, broadcasting and a little bit of stand-up comedy.  Together we work to encourage belief, strengthen faith and push back against the oppressive secular drive to eradicate traditional Christian morality and presence from the public square, and recapture our culture for Christ.

The Catholic Church was, for notorious abortionist, feminist and racist, Margaret Sanger 'the greatest obstacle to the realisation' of her subversive objectives.

The myths on which the cultural revolution in the west was founded have fallen one after the other, now is the time for a re-enchantment of mind, heart and body.  

Katherine is a lay Catholic mother with years of experience in Catholic academia, writing, broadcasting, and quite a number of years Stand-Up comedy. She articulates the Catholic vision of the feminine in honour of Our Lady and in response to the threats and relentless propaganda of secular feminism. Katherine was appointed deanery mentor for evangelisation by Archbishop John Wilson in May 2022.

Katherine Bennett Catholic Laywoman, teacher and writer

Katherine Bennett

Dr Gavin Ashenden

Gavin is a former Anglican Bishop who was chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II.  As a lay Catholic broadcaster and academic he speaks about the new wave of conversions to the Catholic Faith as a response to the realisation that only the Catholic Faith has the strength, integrity and resources to defend Christianity in the cultural battle for the human mind and soul. 

Doctor Gavin Ashenden former Chaplain to the Queen of England, broadcaster and writer

Mark Lambert

Mark studied Theology for 5 years at the Maryvale Institute.  He is a Catholic blogger and writer, with a wide range of experience in catechesis, formation and evangelisation, both in parishes and in school governance. He is a husband and father of 5. 

Mark Lambert Catholic blogger and writer, with a wide range of experience in catechesis, formation and evangelisation
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