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Abortion double standards: is a neonatal ward run by Lucy Letby more dangerous than an abortion clinic?

Updated: Feb 28

A baby in a womb. How can we think of abortion when we see it.

It’s a bit late to be worrying about the Polar Ice Caps melting when the ground under our feet was lost years ago. A nation that moves away from God cannot hold together. We have already fallen apart.

We can stack up the hours, days and years of our lives that we spend talking about the environment, the criminal justice system, trans rights, racism, sex, female emancipation, education and any number of ‘issues’, but as Pope Benedict XVI said “The things of God fade into unreality, into a secondary world that nobody really needs. God is the issue. Is he real. Is he reality itself. Is he good or do we have to invent the good ourselves? The God question is the fundamental question”

What follows if the answer we give to the fundamental question is ‘No’?

Take a look around.

Last week Lucy Letby was found guilty of murdering 7 babies on a neo natal ward and attempting to murder a further 6.

On Friday the Guardian ran a story asking, “How did a nurse commit such unthinkable murders?”.

The article began by describing the neonatal ward as “…the safest place in the world. A place where babies smaller than an adults hand take their first fragile breaths, where every pounding heartbeat is cause to celebrate”.

What they didn’t mention is that, even with Lucy Letby on duty, it is a place safer than a mother’s womb.

As Letby killed her victims on a ward, a nurse in another part of the hospital was getting paid to kill hers in utero.

In the words of Calvin Robinson. “For shame. Degeneracy!”.

Do our lives really only have value to the extent that someone else wants us to live? This is

something that unrepentant advocates of abortion can chew over with Pol Pot in the afterlife.

We are living with the consequences of a “No” to God our father, a “No” to truth, beauty and

goodness, a no that ushers in a yes to the father of lies, ugliness and evil.

How did a nurse commit such unthinkable murders? Are they really so unthinkable in a world that considers the killing of a baby with down syndrome a “right”, that calls for abortion on demand up to birth? Are we so blind that we cannot see the lies, the ugliness and the evil that lurks beneath what bubbles up to the surface?

How deeply corrupted is a conscience that celebrates both the abolition of the death penalty and the introduction of euthanasia for prisoners, the abolition of slavery and the right of two gay men to have a baby, the emancipation of women and the right to self ID, the safeguarding of children and grooming in schools. We are bats**t crazy without God.

On top of this, those tasked with revealing God have tried to assimilate into the godless culture, thus compounding the blindness. As a result, broad swathes of the church have forgotten what the church actually teaches; its beauty, its integrity, its coherence and in the perfect twist of an upside-down world it is left to modern feminists like Louise Perry and Mary Harrington to reason to Catholic conclusions like explorers stumbling across some undiscovered continent. They are in awe of the consistency and integrated principles that they find there, but can’t yet see the divine hand at play, the divine hand which has gifted us these truths. They have the ratio without the fides, but one without the other will always fall into chaos; man against God leads to man against man, man against creation, body against soul. If we were as worried about our souls descending to the fires of hell as we are about East Anglia submerging into the waters of global boiling, then we might pay close attention to those pastors who have not played the assimilation game. To Cardinal Ratzinger

(later Pope Benedict XVI) who Msgr Micheal Heintz tells us “had a knack for understanding the questions that weigh on peoples hearts, as well as how the Catholic tradition offers real answers, ones that truly respond to them at the deepest level – and can do so perennially – rather than ersatz, facile, and seemingly attractive solutions that only further impair this search for meaning by wedding the answer to the zeitgeist”

In her recent interview with Peter Boghossian, Helen Joyce identifies parents of trans kids as the lifeblood of the continued trans movement. For parents to acknowledge that they have caused irreparable harm to their own kids is too great a cost and so the madness continues.

In human terms she is absolutely right, but for Christ, who has already borne the sins of the world, no cost is too great.

What Christianity tells us is that it is never too late to open our eyes, it is never too late to wake up. The price for our stupid sinful blindness has already been paid, but are we willing to accept the gift?

We are only ever a “Yes” away from making sense of the madness and finding a peace that the world cannot offer. We’ve tried the no and it isn’t pretty, perhaps it’s time to take a different route.

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