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Bishop of Nottingham goes out on his own: “we cannot celebrate lifestyles which are incompatible with Church teaching”

Following hot on the heels of the CBEW document Intricately Woven by the Lord, a pastoral reflection on gender published by the bishops of England and Wales on the 24th April which, itself, followed on from a Vatican document called Dignitas Infinita (On Human Dignity) issued on 8th April, the bishop of Nottingham, the Rt Reverend Patrick McKinney has issued a document on the same subject which he has called Precious in my Sight McKinney's document goes further than either of the previous two documents however and directs teachers not to celebrate homosexuality in June, the month in which the Church traditionally honours the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Although why any Catholic Head Teacher thinks that they should be celebrating homosexuality in June rather than the Sacred Heart is a rather stark indictment of the state of Catholic education in itself.

In fact, this would be a great way to renew Catholic education. Find out which Head Teachers are pushing Pride Month and get rid of them!

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