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'Queering' the past

As some Catholics celebrate the news that Archbishop Vigano is being

dragged to the Vatican, others are not so sure. Schism stuff aside, they see in some of his observations from the bottom of the rabbit hole, a truth about the way in which we are being manipulated. To a certain extent ‘twas ever thus, but it is the manipulation of the past to fit some present ideology that is especially concerning.

In 2021 Channel 5 produced a miniseries depicting Anne Boleyn as a black woman,

in 2022, Shakespeare’s Globe put on a show called “I, Joan” which depicted St Joan

of Arc as ‘non-binary’, and just this week the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth

(the one time Yorkshire home of the authors), has ‘queered’ the Brontes because

they used male pseudonyms when writing, (who knows what J.K.Rowling will turn

out to be in 200 years).

All such moves are part of a deliberate attempt to feed the dictatorship of relativism.

As Pope Benedict XVI asked in the context of Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom,

“Is it not true that the great dictatorships were fed by the power of the ideological lie

and that only truth was capable of bringing freedom?”

In Orwells 1984 protagonist Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth where ‘The

party’ understands that by rewriting the events of the past and controlling the

narrative of history they can maintain their position of authority. As he is tasked with

fabricating a story, we hear “it was true that there was no such person as comrade

Ogilvy, but a few lines of print and a couple of faked photographs would soon bring

him into existence”

In his encyclical letter written on the hundredth anniversary of Rerum Novarum Pope

St.John Paul II, who lived under communist regime for much of his life wrote

“In the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, the principle that force predominates

over reason was carried to the extreme. Man was compelled to submit to a

conception of reality imposed on him by coercion, and not reached by virtue of his

own reason and the exercise of his own freedom”

A soft version of this totalitarianism creeps into our lives today dressed as a lamb,

asking us to embrace it. Can we really dismiss all those who point to the bloody

fangs hiding behind the cuddly ball of fluff? Those who say that thought and prayer

can never be a criminal offence. That abortion is not Healthcare. That the thing

growing in a woman’s uterus is a human being. That cleansing through Euthanasia

is not love. That men are not the same as women. That white people are not the


Anne Boleyn was not black. St Joan of Arc was a woman. The Bronte sisters were

not the Bronte Brothers or the non-binary Brontës. The regime tells us to submit to a

conception of reality not reached by virtue of reason and uses every trick in the book

against those who refuse.

As Christians we have a duty to show the children running the nursery what it means

to be a grown up.

As St Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians “We must no longer be infants, tossed

back and forth by the waves, by every wind of teaching, by peoples trickery, by their

craftiness and deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we must grow

to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ”

We are now so far down artificial lane that the next big conspiracy must surely take

us to reality alley. Here there will be whispers of something called ‘truth’, of real men

and women, of family, of fields of mountains and streams. “You’re crazy” they’ll say,

when someone ventures that babies used to grow in the wombs of women, that

people over 65 used to be allowed to live, that parents were allowed custody over

their own children, and that the Bronte sisters weren’t queer.

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I once went to the zoo and looked at the monkeys. One was pleasuring himself looking at the people. Another was going number 2 and throwing it at the people. It’s like people are becoming like the animals, the reverse of evolution according to many. Someone may say humans do not act liket that but many do even worse. Some would say that is offesive behavior. I rather think having rallys and parades for killing babies or sexual preversions is certainly no better.

I saw a bumber stick that said: “Get your religion out of my uterus”

Well her uterus wouldn’t be on my mind if fhey didn’t parade thier filth all over every place. We need a bumber stic…


Since the 1960s, it seems we have moved away from objective reality to self-association with an emphasis on feelings. In doing so, the social hierarchy has been challenged to give greater personal freedom. Consequences of decisions have been ignored, distanced or overcome by Technology, the modern welfare state and medicine.

Putting a modern identity spin on historical figures and stories only seems to placate/legitimise personal choices. The sad truth is that identifying our existence like this brings despair and isolation. It doesn't free a trapped mind or soul. It's more rational to accept social obligations, faith and truth - it's more that is seen as the obstacle.

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